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Inverting Like a Boss

With Oath of the Gatewatch released, there was one card that really caught my eye. A card, that probably nobody wants to play on competitive level. A card that’s specific, weird and totally awesome. A card, but not just any card. It’s a symbol of potential. It’s the mythic Magic deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll pull him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful flyer. I, Peanut, accept the challenge of making this card work. This article gives us some inspiration and paths we can take with ‘INVERTER OF TRUTH’!

First off, a trip down memory lane. ‘Inverter of Truth’ reminds us of a few other similar cards. The four mana, huge body and a (massive) downsize or extreme effect has been seen before on ‘Abyssal Persecutor’, the 6/6 Flying, Trample demon, that didn’t let you win the game as long as it was there, ‘Juzam Djinn’, the old favorite 5/5 Arabian Nights icon and Yukora, the Prisoner, 5/5 with awesome flavour text. An actual bad example in this case, that was really powerful instead of questionable, was ‘Desecration Demon’ from Return to Ravnica. All similar, but nothing, compared with the radical ability that Inverter of Truth has.

When Inverter of Truth enters the battlefield, exile all cards from your library face down, then shuffle all cards from your graveyard into your library.

There are different colors we could use with this card. First of all, we need our graveyard whatever strategy we choose. Another thing we have to think of is that we probably don’t want to cast Inverter immediately on turn 4 or earlier, since we probably don’t have a useful graveyard yet. So we need an early game plan. The Inverter is really a finisher.

Be mindful though, the ideas I describe here are only potential ways to play and some are just brainstorms. By all means, add your two cents down below! Also, I’m picking out some specific card choices. (Current) Standard all stars like ‘Ruinous Path’ or something like ‘Wild Slash’ are always playable even in this deck and I won’t spend time explaining these cards.

Essential Black cards

In Black there are some useful additions that work well. ‘Liliana, Heretical Healer’ turns into an discarding machine and works as a nice distraction. It’s not bad if she ends up in the graveyard, since your graveyard probably turns into your library sooner or later!

‘Dark Deal’ could help you with the disrupting and discarding of your cards and your opponents hand, however I don’t think this card is that good with it’s sorcery speed and three mana. Timing this one right can be very effective.

The combination of ‘Bone Splinters’ and ‘Sultai Emissary’ work really well and provide creatures, dead cards and removal, plus the biggest bonus you can get is manifesting the ‘Inverter of Truth’!

Combining this with other Eldrazi’s we can go blue-black, red-black or the three colours, Grixis. My own version is black-red but more on that later. Black is the main colour in this deck of course and as you can see in the deck list, provides removal, creatures and interesting cards to play with. For example, I’m still debating about Fleshbag Marauder.

Adding blue

Blue is a nice colour to combine with the Inverter. Looking in the current Standard (Khans Block, Magic Origins set and Battle for Zendikar Block), blue has a lot to offer. ‘Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy’ is an excellent addition, but to be honest, I would rather play something else. I don’t want this deck to become one of those again, but that’s just me, also, not all players have a playset of this expensive card. Besides the obvious, we also have access to countermagic like ‘Negate’, ‘Dispel’, ‘Disdainful Stroke’ or ‘Stubborn Denia’ (which is ferocious with Inverter on the field). After all, we do need to protect our hero.

Other nice playable cards that work with filling your graveyard and doing something useful as well, are ‘Profaner of the Dead’ (maybe just a one-off), ‘Silumgar’s Sorcerer’ (protection for the Inverter, a flying 2/1 body and sacrificing!) and ‘Sidisi’s Faithful’ (maybe sideboard/mainboard) and maybe even the two-drop ‘Sultai Skullkeeper’ if you don’t have so much cash to spend. Some were also featured in the Rally the Ancestors-deck and work well for stacking up cards next to your library. The bird ‘Palace Familiar’ is fun for the deck, although it’s not exactly what you want. The card itself is fun, but not that strong. For kitchen table fun, this could definitely work well and fill this deck with cheap creatures.

WAIT! What about ‘TORRENT ELEMENTAL’! Unfortunately I’m going to shattering that dream. A piece of the comprehensive rules denies us the possibility of activating the ability:

406.3. […] Cards “exiled face down” can’t be examined by any player except when instructions allow it. […] A card exiled face down has no characteristics, […].

This all means you cannot activate the ability of the Elemental, something that would really work perfectly with the Inverter.

Adding red

The other interesting colour to combine the black Inverter within red sit gives the best output. The main cards for this are ‘Forerunner of Slaughter’ and ‘Chandra, Flamecaller’. You get Haste for your inverter and aggro gameplay in the early turns. Chandra fixes your Thopter problems, then ends up in the graveyard after you minus four it and discards cards to find and support Inverter of Truth making for the perfect plan B!

‘Molten Vortex’ and ‘Magmatic Insight’ both have potential but they could lead to too many lands in the graveyard. They turn into dead draws once the library is inverted. Plus, that Vortex is absolutely needed for the lands to be useful so it doesn’t sound all too consistent.

The card to play is ‘Tormenting Voice’, that way you can choose what ends up in the graveyard and also draw new cards. Just discard that Chandra to draw it later with your inverted library! For two mana, this is a really good filter card and helps you fill, find and reselect the cards you play.

‘Collateral Damage’ is much like ‘Bone Splinter’s’, except this damages the enemy target. It all depends on how you build your deck as to which one to use. It’s probably better to use the ‘Bone Splinters’, since three damage can’t kill as much as the ‘destroy target creature’-clause, but you have to sacrifice the instant speed for that.

‘Lightening Shrieker’ is the perfect card. It’s exciting, daring and aggressive. Imagine your hand with an Inverter and one of these dragons. You cast the Inverter of truth, do the inverting, next turn play the dragon and every draw will be your Shrieker (if it’s the only card). You’ll never run out of cards!


Right up in the same alley, ‘Call of the Full Moon’ from Magic Origins embodies the fast aggressiveness in the early turns and the fact that it’ll probably end up in the graveyard real fast, ready to enchant your 6/6 flyer later on. It’s even worth running this card twice as it’s so good. A turn three 6/4 Trample (with Forerunner of Slaughter) really sounds good!

Other potentials are: ‘Kolaghan’s Command’, ‘Avaracious Dragon’, ‘Temur Battle Rage’. See for yourself how many you would include or exclude.

Adding green

Green has some great cards together with our 6/6 flyer, what with Manifest, putting thing in graveyards and such… Think about ‘Gather the Pack’ from Origins, ‘Sudden Reclamation’ from Fate Reforged which filters your graveyard from lands and ‘See the Unwritten’ has ferocious power. Still, the cards are all very expensive with their mana cost. The deck needs to be a little bit faster than this, plus there are better targets for the mythic Khans of Tarkir card.

‘Whisperwood Elemental’ is a personal all-time favourite standard cards and does work really well with the Inverter. Manifesting that big Eldrazi completely ignores the big downside of exiling your deck. However, ‘Evolutionary Leap’ could provide the right sacrifice outlet, making ‘Catacomb Sifter’ interesting as well. For a cheap cute combination, you could play ‘Abzan Kin-Guard’.

After looking through the green Standard cards, it doesn’t feel right to add this colour. If you do, it should be for a Sultai build and probably won’t be your main colour (see below).

Inverter of Truth deck

So in the end, here is the list I’ve put together:

  • 4x Inverter of Truth
  • 3x Chandra, Flamecaller
  • 4x Forerunner of Slaughter
  • 2x Bone Splinters
  • 3x Sultai Emissary
  • 2x Liliana, heretical Healer
  • 1x Ob Nixilis, reignited
  • 2x Eldrazi Obligator
  • 2x Murderous Cut
  • 2x Kolaghan’s Command
  • 1x Sidisi, Undead Vizier
  • 3x Tormenting Voice
  • 2x Altar’s reap
  • 2x Lightning shrieker
  • 1x Arc Lightning
  • 2x Ruins of Oran-rief
  • 1x Crumbling Vestige
  • 1x Blighted Fen
  • 1x Rogue’s passage
  • 4x Bloodstained Mire
  • 2x Smoldering Marsh
  • 3x Bloodfell caves
  • 5x Mountain
  • 5x Swamp


  • 1x Bearer of Silence
  • 1x Ruinous path
  • 2x Minister of pain
  • 2x ultimate price
  • 1x Crux of fate
  • 3x Rending volley
  • 2x Virulent Plague
  • 3x Visions of brutality

So far the Inverter has gone 2-2 on the Gameday, but one round it only lost because of manascrew. It has beaten Thire a few times as well over Skype (and okay…yes, he did win too…Grmpf) so there is plenty of potential there.

Shadows over Innistrad sure sounds really attractive and with more graveyard shenanigans who knows what cards help the Inverter on its way to victory. Do you agree with this decklist? Did I miss a crucial part of the plan? By all means, I would love to hear your thoughts. Write something down in the comments below or through Facebook or Instagram. I’ll read them happily. And one last tip… Get those those Inverter of Truths while you can!

Thank you for reading and remember to sign up to this months Deck Maniacs MTG box and use the code PROJECTPEANUTS to get 15% off your first box! Click here to sign up!

Amonkhet Deck Ideas

The release of the Amonkhet set is now imminent, the spoilers are out in the wild already meaning it’s time to start thinking builds and combos based on the new cards. Whilst it can be a little daunting to build a deck without it being live, there can be no interplay with others for minor tweaking or evaluation of the new meta, some pre-release build ideas and combos are ideal for building excitement and bedding in the new keywords.

As always these are just some of the ideas I feel work best or adaptations found by other users suited more to my play style, feel free to leave any comments you feel would improve these. Do remember these are first drafts to just get a feel for the new cards.

New Cards, New Style!

With the introduction of this new set is a whole host of keyword abilities that work around the theme of Gods, the living and the dead. The dead are breathed new life (excuse the pun) in Amonkeht with Embalm, an ability which is activated when the card is in the graveyard which will bring them back to life as a zombie.

Looking at the living, we have Exert, where the card makes full use of being alive. Exert allows your creature to put in that extra bit of effort for an extra bonus, the downside being that the card won’t untap on your next turn, extra effort is tiring after all!

Finally, Aftermath brings back the fantastic split cards, with a whole new twist. The card is effectively two in one, which lets instants and sorceries in on the graveyard party with a new twist on split cards. For instance, here you play Destined and it resolves in the usual way and ends in the graveyard like any other instant.

Then, from the graveyard you can play Lead, which again resolves in the usual way and becomes exiled. What’s useful is you can play both the same turn, or space them out depending on how you want to play it. What I particualrly like is the 90 degree orientation, which means that you can have the castable half poking out waiting for you to play it.

Mono-Black Zombie

With the introduction of Amonkhet it looks like a mono-black zombie deck may be creeping its way back into play, it will likely be something seen more frequently in standard play going forward.

  • 4 Cryptbreaker
  • 4 Diregraf Colossus
  • 4 Doomed Dissenter
  • 4 Dread Wanderer
  • 4 Fatal Push
  • 4 Grasp of Darkness
  • 1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
  • 4 Lord of the Accursed
  • 4 Metallic Mimic
  • 4 Relentless Dead
  • 23 Swamp

Now, I appreciate there’s nothing particularly jaw-droppingly amazing about the above deck but it’s a solid curve, with some removal and a good build of power. Cryptbreaker is discarding your cards and filling the graveyard with Zombies, Diregraf Colossus then feeds on these to buff it up and then to buff your ranks you can return Dread Wanderer to the game, even if Cryptbreaker sent him to the graveyard, finally Lord of The Accursed is there to buff any Zombies you own in play.

If Mono-Black is not your thing, it’s easy to move from this deck to a more uB (Minor Blue-Black) Zombies deck, swapping out the Doomed Dissenter for Prized Amalgram and Gisa and Geralf for example.

Mono-Red Aggro

With Amonkhet there’s now potential for some great pure beat down decks with some aggressive haste creatures and vicious curve without worrying about having to build a multi-colour mana base.

  • 4 Bomat Courier
  • 4 Flameblade Adept
  • 4 Furyblade Vampire
  • 3 Hazoret the Fervent
  • 4 Incorrigible Youths
  • 4 Insolent Neonate
  • 2 Ravenous Bloodseeker
  • 2 Stromkirk Occultist
  • 2 Avacyn’s Judgment
  • 4 Fiery Temper
  • 2 Incendiary Flow
  • 2 Lightning Axe
  • 3 Looming Spires
  • 20 Mountain

This deck tries to play on existing red synergy cards with a couple of new cards from Amonkhet that work well here. Hazoret is going to be at its best in a deck that can dump its hand quickly, and landing the god as a creature on turn four is pretty great. Beyond that, Hazoret the Fervent is a way to deal those last couple points of damage. It is going to be crazy good in this type of deck, so players will have to try to play more removal that exiles creatures. Gods have a high ceiling, because they take a little work to turn into a creature, but the indestructibility makes them difficult to remove from play. A four-mana, five-power creature with haste and indestructibility is a force to be reckoned with. This is the type of card that works well with cheap spells. You you can cast them early and play Hazoret the Fervent at the top of the curve when your hand doesn’t have much left in it. Hazoret also works well as a way to discard cards at will to make sure your hand size is low.

The other new card here is Flameblade Adept, which also happens to work great alongside discard cards! This creature can be pumped up a significant amount in a single turn alongside a card like Ravenous Bloodseeker. The other factor is that Flameblade Adept is a one-mana spell, which works alongside the concept of having lots of cheap spells with Hazoret as a top end. It is possible you could add some of the cycle lands, like Smoldering Crater to this deck as another way to pump Flameblade Adept.

This is just a brief look at a few potential decks using the new cards from Amonkhet. What did you think of these decks and what are you excited to be building over the next few weeks?

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