Your gaming PCs are kicking out lots of heat and making you very uncomfortable. You even have a central HVAC installed, but still, your gaming room feels 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

What can you do?

Install a ceiling fan or mini split ac? or Crack a window?

Well, if hot temperatures are ruining your gaming experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore some of the most effective methods of cooling down your PC gaming room.

5 Tips For Keep Cool Your Gaming Room

Method 1: More fans

This is the first and most obvious method for most gamers. By installing more fans, and better ones at that, you create better airflow. But does it always work?

No. It only works when there’s a rich source of air in the first place.

Thus, before installing more fans, you want to create more vents. Or, you could simply open the windows.

With more vents and more fans, you might see a reduction in the temperatures. But during summer, when the air outside is warm, this method might not be very reliable.

In that case, method 2 becomes more appropriate.

Method 2: Liquid cooling

While normal fans and air coolers might work just fine for normal computing, gaming is a whole different matter.

Why? Gaming PCs are high-performance electronics that generate lots of heat.

In that case, you need a BADASS method of cooling to suppress those stubborn temperatures.

You need liquid coolers, which are also called CLOSED LOOP COOLERS.

These are sealed rigid tubes and liquid reservoirs that transfer the heat from your computer to liquid mediums.

They’re safe and extremely effective, reducing the temperatures of your gaming PCs and your gaming room tremendously. On the flip side, they’re a little tricky to install.

You can get an electronics expert to do the installation for you.

Or, if you’re a serious gamer, you can go through this video to learn how to install them.

Method 3: Central air conditioning

If you don’t mind paying more on electricity at the end of the month, a mini split ac unit or a central AC would be a great option.

This method works on cooling the air in the room, giving the computer fans a supply of cool air, to, in turn, cool the PCs.

You might also want to try

Method 4: Taking the PCs near the intake vent

Computers have fans, but we seem to misunderstand how these fans work. If the air outside the fan isn’t cool, the hot air just gets recirculated into the PC, and the temperatures keep rising.

Fix? Creating adequate free space where the fan is located.

If possible, move the PC near the intake vents or better yet, an open window, so the fan can blow cool air into the PC while blowing the hot hair outside the room.

Method 5: Letting them rest

How can you keep your gaming computers on all day and expect the temperatures not to rise? Think about it.

One of the most effective ways of cooling down your computer gaming room is to shut down the computers several times during the day.

When you’re going on a coffee break, a lunch break, or when you’re doing other things, leave the PCs shut down.

This method has been shown to not only reduce temperatures but also increase the lifespan of computers.

If shutting them down doesn’t work, put them to sleep mode or hibernation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes computer gaming rooms to heat up?

The heat mainly comes from the computers. Gaming computers are high performance electronics that have heat-generating components. The fans move the heat outside the PCs, causing the room’s temperature to rise.

If the temperature of the room is already warm, the heat increases even more.

Can clutter increase the computer’s heat?

Yes. Clutter occupies the space that air could be occupying, thus leaving little air for the PC fans to use in cooling the PCs.

Decluttering is a vital step in reducing the heat levels of your PCs and gaming room.

Does direct sunlight affect my gaming room’s heat?

Yes. When the sunlight gets into your room, it brings the heat with it.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your room’s heat, keep direct sunlight out. Close the drapes/blinds or line them in a way that direct sunlight cannot get in.

How can I keep the computer fans working optimally?

First and foremost, declutter the space behind the fans. That provides the fans with enough air supply to cool down the computer.

If pet hair, dust or other debris accumulates on the fans, it blocks them and prevents them from working properly. Therefore, take measures to reduce the accumulation of debris in the fans.

Also, clean the fans from time to time using canned air or a brush.

How can I use ice to lower the temperature in my gaming room?

Some gamers place a bucket of ice in front of the table fan and the mini split ac, and they say that it works excellently for cooling down the room.

Should I keep the case open or closed when gaming?

You might have heard that keeping the computer case open when gaming prevents overheating. That is not accurate.

Actually, that leads to increased accumulation of dust in the fans, ultimately making them less efficient.

It’s better to keep the case closed.


Final Word

Cool temperatures are better not only for the performance of your gaming PCs but also for their durability. And again, gaming in cool temperatures is a lot more comfortable than gaming with all that heat and sweat.

We recommend you combine a few of the methods we’ve discussed above to achieve the best results.

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