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Pokémon Monthly Box

What do you get?

  • 4-8 booster packs
  • Go on an epic Pokémon themed journey each month, starting off in Kanto
  • Filled with accessories and cool Pokémon items
  • The ultimate Pokémon monthly box


Postage and packaging included for UK subscribers

Estimated shipping date 22/12

This Month's Theme

Mount Moon

After the thrilling battle for the Boulder Badge, you feel ready to head to the next gym in Cerulean City. Standing in your way is the winding caves of Mount Moon.

Discover brand new Pokémon and encounter Team Rocket in the December Pokémon box!

Mount Moon box closes on 14/12

Boxes extremely limited

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4 booster box

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the boxes arrive?

The boxes are posted in the last week of each month, around the 26th.

Is this a recurring subscription?

Yep, your subscription will renew on the 1st of every month. You can cancel at anytime, and easily sign back up again whenever you like.

What happens if my box doesn't turn up, or something is damaged or missing?

If your box doesn't turn up a week after receiving your shipping notification then get in touch and we will investigate. If you have any missing or damaged products we will try and replace them.

What countries do you post to?

We post to most major European countries, but if your country isn't on our list, let us know and we'll see if we can get a box to you!